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What will I find when I visit the Library?

You will find a spot to spend a quiet afternoon or attend a class or event. You also can use Library computers, hold meetings, get help, and borrow books, movies and music.


How can I find a Library location near my home or office?

The Central Library is located in the heart of downtown. There are Library branches in neighborhoods throughout Seattle.


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Are all locations open every day?

The Central Library and many branches are open seven days a week, except for major holidays.


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Can I use the Library's computers?

Computers with Internet access are available for public use at all Library locations. A Library card or guest pass is required to use Library computers.


Unsecured wireless Internet access is also available.


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Can my group hold a meeting at the Library?

Meeting rooms are available at many Library locations. The Central Library, in downtown Seattle, has meeting rooms that can accommodate groups large and small.

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Does the Library have rooms available for group or quiet study?

Study rooms are available at many Library locations. The Central Library does not have any dedicated study rooms, but small groups may use the table seating found throughout the Library.


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