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Rainier Beach Branch Art Gallery

Below is some of the artwork at the Rainier Beach Branch.

'Pursuit of Knowledge' by Ray Jensen

Pursuit of Knowledge by Ray Jensen
In this sculpture Jensen, a Seattle-born artist, combined the imagery of the athlete with the scholar, making the pursuit of knowledge an active event.

Pursuit of Knowledge is made up of three figures in the act of running. The figures are portrayed in a very energetic pose with legs and arms outstretched. They are individualized in the front and joined together at the back to indicate that although each man pursues his own endeavor the work will ultimately contribute to move us all forward.

'Memorial to Victor Dickinson' by Richard Beyer

Memorial to Victor Dickinson by Richard Beyer
The Rainier Beach community responded to the death of a well-loved educator, Victor Dickinson, Emerson Elementary School principal for 30 years, by making possible the purchase of a sculpture for the grounds of the Rainier Beach Library.

Seattle artist Richard Beyer's cast aluminum sculpture of three life-size children of different ethnic backgrounds sitting in front of the library reading books, combines the late principal's love for children, art and learning.

'Memories' by Ariela Boronat

Memories by Ariela Boronat

Sometimes the "memories" are about the countries they or their families came from and at other times they are about their life here in this area. In order to represent the diaphanous quality of the memories, Boronat printed the images onto a transparent fabric panel using photo transfer methods.

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