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Construction impacts begin April 2, 2018

Several construction projects at the Queen Anne Branch this spring and summer will temporarily affect parking, services, ADA access and open hours. More ...

Donors to the Queen Anne: Named Spaces

The Seattle Public Library Foundation has received thousands of generous contributions to the "Campaign for Seattle's Public Libraries." In recognition of their gifts of $50,000 and above, we are pleased to honor the following supporters with named physical spaces in the Queen Anne Branch of The Seattle Public Library.

Linda Larson and Gerry Johnson Family Reading Area

Native Washingtonians and longtime Queen Anne residents Linda Larson and Gerry Johnson believe that public libraries and the free access to information that they provide are essential to our democracy. Larson was a member of the board of trustees for The Seattle Public Library from 1997 to 2006, serving as board president from 2002-2003, and is currently a trustee for The Seattle Public Library Foundation. Their children, Nora and Peter Johnson, grew up walking to the Queen Anne Branch, beginning with story times and picture books and graduating to homework help and reading for pleasure, losing and replacing many Library cards along the way.

Lois and Nelson Anderson & Anne Anderson Questad Children's Area

Gilbert W. Anderson, longtime library supporter and former president of The Seattle Public Library board of trustees, has chosen to honor his parents and sister at his childhood branch. Anderson lived with his parents, grandmother and sister near the Queen Anne Branch for 27 years. His parents were avid readers and the house was full of books. Anderson found refuge in the library, which also was a source of lifelong knowledge and entertainment. He continued his interest in libraries as an adult and also served on the boards of the Gates Library Foundation and The Seattle Public Library Foundation.

Stuart H. Prestrud Meeting Room

Stuart Prestrud has lived in Seattle since his birth in 1919. In the 1920s, he frequented the Queen Anne Branch of The Seattle Public Library. There he pursued an interest in stamp collecting and developed a lifelong love of reading. He majored in history at the University of Washington, and his reading gave him a broad knowledge and perspective that informed both his vocation as a trust officer and his avocation on behalf of charity and the community. One of his favorite positions was serving as one of the three original members of the board of managers of the Norman Archibald Charitable Foundation, where for 25 years he helped direct grants to worthy organizations great and small throughout the Puget Sound area.

Reading helped Stuart Prestrud form his life's values. He worked with civic leaders and philanthropists, yet never lost the common touch. His public contributions were consistent with his personal ones. An early environmentalist, he aided the Nature Conservancy and the Audubon Society in preserving large and far-flung wildlife areas - and he also cleaned up his neighborhoods by picking up trash on his daily walks. Though never rich, he contributed to charity as though he was.

The Norman Archibald Charitable Foundation is a supporter of The Seattle Public Library Foundation's Campaign for Seattle's Libraries and has chosen to honor Prestrud for his outstanding years of service. The Norman Archibald Charitable Foundation was established to make grants to charitable organizations that provide benefits to the Puget Sound region.

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