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December 17, 2017


Madrona-Sally Goldmark Branch : Building Facts

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Madrona-Sally Goldmark Branch

Library closed Dec. 24 and 25

All locations of The Seattle Public Library and the book drops at the Central Library will be closed on Christmas Eve, Sunday, Dec. 24 and Christmas Day, Monday, Dec. 25.

Building Facts: Madrona-Sally Goldmark Branch


Project description: Renovate existing branch

  • The renovation includes new seating, upgraded technology services and equipment, better electrical, communication and computer connections, more efficient circulation desk and work areas, improved ventilation, a modern mechanical system and an updated book collection.
  • The branch opened in a converted firehouse in 1973. It is heavily used by area residents and schoolchildren. The building was upgraded in 1986 at a cost of $84,854, but problems remained with its layout, program and work areas, and electrical and ventilation systems.

Quick facts

  • Project type: Renovate existing branch
  • Completion date: 2008
  • Budget for capital costs: $893,000
  • Total library program area: 1,707 square feet
  • Computers: 9 (formerly 6)
  • Artist: Mary Iverson, Monad Elohim
  • Art budget: $7,416
  • Library Board steward: Michael Parham
  • Architect: Heliotrope Architects
  • Contractor: Cope Construction Co.


  • May 2008: The renovated Madrona-Sally Goldmark Branch of The Seattle Public Library reopened at noon Saturday, May 10.
  • November 2007: The Seattle Public Library board of trustees selected an oil painting by Mary Iverson and a ceramic sculpture by Monad Elohim to display in the renovated branch. Both are Seattle artists.
  • August 2007: Construction began on the branch renovation.
  • June 2007: The branch closed for renovation on Saturday, June 16.
  • May 2007: The Library Board voted to award the construction contract to the sole bidder, Cope Construction Co., after the Library and the contractor negotiated a better price than Cope's original bid. Cope worked with its subcontractors to achieve savings.
  • April 2007: Construction bids for the branch renovation came in higher than expected.
  • November 2006: Residents were invited to an open house to see the design of the interior renovation of the branch.
  • September 2006: Residents attended an open house to see the design of the interior renovation.
  • April 2006: The Seattle Public Library board of trustees authorized the architects to adapt the Library's Universal Building Program to better reflect usage patterns for the Madrona-Sally Goldmark Branch. The board agreed the branch should emphasize materials for children, popular fiction, DVDs, and space for holds pick-up.
  • January 2006: The Library Board selected Heliotrope Architects to design the interior renovations
  • November 1998: Seattle voters approved the $196.4 million "Libraries for All" bond measure. The bond money, which could be used only for construction of libraries, funded a new Central Library and new and improved branches.


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Madrona-Sally Goldmark Branch
1134 33rd Ave.
Seattle, WA 98122



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