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Comics on Health Care Access Exhibit

In October 2016, the Seattle/King County Clinic provided free medical, dental and vision care to 4,492 patients over four days in Key Arena. This giant free clinic is produced by 3,947 volunteers who donate their time to provide a full range of free dental, vision and medical care to underserved and vulnerable populations.


This year, local comics artists were invited to attend the Clinic and collected patient stories to illustrate the need in the community and what's driving people to a free clinic. The pieces on display in the Living Room are a few of the stories they collected. The exhibit will be on display June 7-30.


The project is supported by Public Health - Seattle & King County and the Seattle Center Foundation to promote public discussion about health disparities and the challenges people face in accessing health care every day.


Artists featured in the exhibit include:
Jose Alaniz
Owen Curtsinger
Eroyn Franklin
Kelly Froh
Tatiana Gill
Roberta Gregory
Robyn Jordan
Megan Kelso
David Lasky
Meredith Li-Vollmer
Pat Moriarity
ET Russian


The Library would like to thank Team Soapbox, the Seattle Center Foundation, and Public Health - Seattle & King County for making this exhibit possible.

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