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Guide by Cell PhoneCell phone tours:

The Central Library now offers free self-guided cell phone tours! You control the pace, the content, and the order. Look for signs with this symbol posted in 19 locations throughout the Central Library and then call 206-686-8564*. Enter the item number followed by the # key on your telephone. Brochures detailing the tour stops are available at the welcome desks inside the library or here.


*please refrain from use of speakerphone. Standard cell phone company charges apply.


Group tours:

Groups of 10-20 must make arrangements for a tour at least two weeks in advance. These tours are offered at no charge. Please complete and submit a Group Tour Request Form. School, children's and youth groups (any K-12 grade age group) should NOT use this form; you should refer to the School Tour information below. Groups will be contacted when we receive the completed request form. Tours will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. Be sure not to make arrangements or announcements or print materials for your group without a confirmed reservation from the Library's tour staff.

For further information, please contact the Central Tours office by email centraltours@spl.org or call 206-733-9609.

Self-guided school tours:

Grades K - 5:
The Central Library offers self-guided tours of the Faye G. Allen Children's Center for school groups.
See grades K - 5 tour information

Grades 6 - 12:
The Central Library offers tours of the Starbuck's Teen Center for school groups.
See grades 6 - 12 tour information


Self-guided Tours of Central Library


Explore the Central Library on your own! Take a self-guided tour of the Central Library to learn more about the building and its services. The Library offers self-guided tours in the following formats:

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flash file

View an online virtual tour - Tour the library on your computer with former City Librarian Deborah L. Jacobs as your guide.

audio file

Download an audio tour - Download a 30-minute audio tour to your iPod or MP3 player to use as your guide when visiting the Central Library.


Print a brochure of the Central Library's Key Attractions. 


Learn about the design of the Central Library:

Self-guided tour information and maps are available at the Welcome Desks located at the entrances to the building. For more information, Ask a Librarian or call 206-386-4636.

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