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Catering Information: Central Library Meeting Rooms


Can I use a caterer?

Yes. See the Library's list of preferred catererspdf for more information.


Insurance is required for those events where alcoholic beverages will be served. The Certificate of Insurance must be received no later than 30 days prior to the event date.


Pre-packaged meals can be purchased from any caterer.


The caterer must provide all linens, tableware, serving utensils, water carafes, glasses and other beverage service items and is responsible for set-up and tear down of the event.


When a caterer provides food for an event on a drop-off basis (i.e., boxed lunches, coffee service), the applicant assumes full responsibility for seeing that all used paper goods and any food remains are put in supplied trash receptacles before you vacate the rental premises. The applicant is responsible for the removal of any catering equipment from the Library in lieu of the caterer performing this task.




Is there a fee for serving food in the Library?

Yes. A fee of $50 to $500 will be charged depending on the event.


Additional costs ranging from $100 - $500 may be incurred if:

  1. Cleaning procedures beyond the scope of normal Library maintenance are required, and/or
  2. The event does not meet contractual terms or exceeds the time limit specified in The Central Library Application for Use of Facility.



    Can I bring in snacks and coffee without using a caterer?

    Yes, simple food items such as snacks and coffee may be brought in for the meeting. The applicant assumes full responsibility for making sure all used paper goods and food remains are put into supplied trash receptacles before you vacate the premises.




    Can I bring in my own alcoholic beverages for my event?

    No, the Library allows you to supply alcohol only through a licensed caterer. You are responsible for meeting all state liquor licensing and sales laws. All guests must be 21 years of age or older to be served alcohol.


    All alcohol must be dispensed by bonded bartenders at an attended bar, whether the alcohol is complimentary to the guests or sold at a cash bar. The event must be a private event, and not open to the public.


    For liquor liability insurance requirements, refer to the Insurance Addendum.pdf




    Does the Library have special food and beverage policies?

    Yes. You will also be required to review food and beverage selections with us prior to your event.




    Are there restrictions regarding use of candles and/or other materials?

    Yes. The Library does not allow the use of candles, incense, or any other materials associated with smoke and/or fire.

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