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Interview with Holly Cupala

Members of the Teen Advisory Group interview local Young Adult author Holly Cupala about her first teen novel, "Tell Me a Secret." Learn how the book was titled, tips for other writers and what's coming next. Ethan and Mira find out all of Holly's secrets.

Download Audio (mp3) [file size: 9 MB]


Teen Book Wish List

In this week's podcast, the Teen Center Advisers make a wish list of the kinds of books they'd love to read more of, and the kinds of characters they wish authors would write about. They also let us know which books they've had enough of (hello, vampire romances!).

Download Audio (mp3) [file size: 8 MB]


Writers in the Schools (WITS): Readings and Celebrations

Talented student writers shared their finest poetry and prose on May 26 and 27, 2010 at The Seattle Public Library.

Writers in the Schools - Part 1

Download Audio (mp3) [play time: 58 minutes /file size: 26 MB]

Writers in the Schools - Part 2

Download Audio (mp3) [play time: 1 hour 8 minutes /file size: 31 MB]

Ben Huh: Lessons Learned from the World of LOLCats, FAILS and Other Blunders

Ben Huh spoke about lessons he has learned from the world of LOLCats, FAILS and other blunders on April 23, 2010 at The Seattle Public Library.

Download Audio (mp3) [file size: 18 MB]


Book Recommendations from the Teen Center Advisors

This week, our incredibly well-read Teen Center Advisors recommend books for you. In the first segment of our podcast, the whole group offers each other suggestions for a variety of great books to read. In the second segement, our manga expert Cole recommends some of his favorite Japanese comic series.

Download Audio (mp3) [file size: 8 MB]


In these times of lean library budgets, what should be cut?

As the Library continues to face budget cuts, the Teen Center Advisors give their input as to what products and services they think should be cut. Hours? Books? Youth librarians? Their answers may surprise you.

Download Audio (mp3) [file size: 9 MB]


What does it mean to be a good advocate?

This week, the Teen Center Advisors discuss what it means to be a good advocate, and how they can be good advocates for the library - and other causes and organizations they believe in - in their communities.

Download Audio (mp3) [file size: 6 MB]


Interview with Daemond Arrindell of Teen Link

In this week's podcast, the Teen Center Advisors interview Daemond Arrindell of Teen Link,a "confidential and accessible place teens can call to talk about what's concerning them, helping youth explore their options and make healthy, self-respecting decisions." He answers all of their toughest questions, including "What do you do when a teen on the phone is threatening suicide?"

Download Audio (mp3) [file size: 14 MB]


What kinds of events should the Library host for teens?

What kinds of events and services do teens want the Library to host? Concerts? Tutoring help? If forced to choose between free SAT prep and a library sleepover, which would it be? The Teen Center Advisors open up about the library events they already love, and the kinds of events they wish the library were hosting for them.

Download Audio (mp3) [file size: 7 MB]


What does Seattle look like from the teen perspective?

In this podcast, the Teen Center Advisors give us a glimpse into their "Secret Seattle" - their favorite hidden places around the city.

Download Audio (mp3) [file size: 13 MB]


What do teens really want to read and how do they find good books?

In a time when the publishing industry in general is struggling, sales of books written for teens are on the rise. But what do teens really want to read? And how do they find good books? The Teen Center Advisors explain it all for us.

Download Audio (mp3) [file size: 17 MB]


Should teens be forced to read the classics?

In this episode, the TCAs discuss whether or not students should be forced to read the classics as part of the standard high school curriculum. If so, what exactly constitutes a "classic"? And who gets to decide? Their answers may surprise you.

Download Audio (mp3) [file size: 16 MB]


Comixtravaganza 3: Meet Peter Bagge

Peter Bagge, legend of underground comics whose works include "Apocalypse Nerd," "Everybody is Stupid Except for Me and Other Astute Observations," and "Hate" talked about his work at the Central Library on Jan.30, 2010. Hailed as a fascinating and accurate chronicle of 1990's grunge culture, "Hate" follows the semi-autobiographical adventures of Buddy Bradley, a semi-slacker finding his way in Seattle and suburban New Jersey.

Download Audio (mp3) [file size: 64 MB]


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