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All Ages : Build a Pinhole Projector

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How to Build a Pinhole Projector

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Build your own pinhole projector of the sun to safely view the solar eclipse. Remember, never look directly at the sun during the eclipse unless you are wearing eclipse glasses!

  1. Take a sheet of cardboard or heavy paper (or a paper plate). Use a pin, thumbtack or paperclip to make a tiny hole in the center. Make sure the hole is round and smooth.

  2. Put a second sheet of white paper on the ground in front of you. With your back toward the sun, hold the piece of paper with the hole in it so the sun shines through the hole onto the other piece of paper.

  3. You will see an inverted image of the sun projected onto the paper through the pinhole.

  4. To make the image of the sun larger, move the paper with the pinhole in it further away from the paper on the ground.

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