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Mission Statement : Strategic Plan: 2011 - 2015

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The Seattle Public Library Strategic Plan: 2011 - 2015

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Purpose of this Strategic Plan

Libraries are on the cusp of a great transformation - or a slow sail into the sunset. Changes in how people access and use information, interact with one another, and in the resources, tools, and capabilities needed to operate effectively in today's society require new approaches to the services and resources that the Library provides. The Library must evolve in ways that track both the pace of this change and the diversity of our users, ensuring all members of the Seattle community have equal access to the world of ideas.


This Strategic Plan - the result of a vigorous, analytic, and often-times passionate series of conversations about the future of the Library - will guide the Library during a period of internal transition, as well as external societal and technological shifts. The plan is intended to provide vision and direction, staying true to core Library values, as The Seattle Public Library adapts thoughtfully and boldly to emerging challenges and opportunities for the benefit of our patrons.


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