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Mission Statement : Strategic Direction Individual Growth

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Strategic Direction: Individual Growth

Deliver core Library services to support individual needs. Every patron who comes through our doors can expect to find robust collections, welcoming and comfortable libraries, effective staff assistance, compelling programs, and a wide range of technology resources.

For each individual we serve, we will provide opportunities for individual growth in the following four areas:

  • Access: Making sure the public has access to all that we offer. This means encouraging everyone to get Library cards, providing great collections that serve every age and making sure patrons have access to staff, resources, programs and services.
  • Civic Engagement: Providing opportunities via programming and outreach to allow the public to engage around topics that impact our city and are of interest to them and their communities.
  • Cultural Enrichment: Providing learning opportunities through programming and outreach that support cultural understanding and awareness.
  • Literacy, Learning, and Achievement: Providing assistance to support the personal pursuit of educational, informational and recreational interests for formative and lifelong learning