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Mission Statement : Strategic Direction Community Impact

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Strategic Direction: Community Impact

Achieve lasting community impacts. We have focused on these Service Priorities for the last several years and we want to keep it going to ensure we make a difference community wide in the following five areas of impact:

  • Youth and Family Learning: Providing Library services that support youth and families in academic success, career readiness and life.
  • Technology and Access: Serving as Seattle's primary point of access to information, lifelong learning, economic development and creative expression through innovative use of technology and digital resources.
  • Community Engagement: Offering Library programs, services and collections that reflect community needs and interests, feature community voices and create meaningful experiences.
  • Seattle Culture and History: Connecting our community with our diverse local culture and history through compelling collections, expert assistance, innovative partnerships and engaging programs.
  • Re-imagined Spaces: Adapting and energizing Library spaces for new uses in keeping with changing services, programs, interests and needs of Library users and the changing way that they use Library spaces.