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Service Priorities

Executive Director and Chief Librarian Marcellus Turner developed five key Service Priorities to respond to the needs of the community, support the educational, cultural and economic health of the city and allow the Library to offer patrons more personal and meaningful experiences. These priorities are the foundation for how the Library will effectively serve the next generation of users.

Youth and Family Learning
Provide Library services that support youth and families in academic success, career readiness and life.

Technology and Access
Serve as Seattle's primary point of access to information, lifelong learning, economic development and creative expression through innovative use of technology and digital resources.

Community Engagement
Offer Library programs, services, and collections that reflect community needs and interests, feature community voices, and create meaningful experiences.

Seattle Culture and History
Connect our community with our diverse local culture and history through compelling collections, expert assistance, innovative partnerships, and engaging programs.

Re-Imagined Spaces
Adapt and energize Library spaces for new uses in keeping with changing services, programs, interests and needs of Library users and the changing ways that they use Library spaces.

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