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February 24, 2018

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Release Date: 07/05/2006

The Seattle Public Library to implement additional Rules of Conduct starting July 10

The Seattle Public Library has revised its Rules of Conduct for the comfort and safety of all patrons and staff members. The additional rules, which will be added to the existing rules, will be effective Monday, July 10. The new rules are as follows:


  • The rule prohibiting smoking, chewing and other tobacco use has been expanded to protect the environment and health of patrons and staff. Previously, smoking was not permitted inside Library buildings; the new rule also prohibits smoking on Library grounds outside Library facilities.
  • The rule prohibiting people from entering the Library barefoot has been modified to make it clear that people also aren't allowed to take off their shoes once inside the Library.
  • The rule prohibiting people from bringing in articles too large to fit beneath one Library chair has been clarified to provide measurements. Now, articles that measure more than 14" wide by 17" tall by 20" deep will be prohibited.
  • The rule prohibiting people from using wheeled devices in Library property or on Library grounds, except in designated areas, has been modified to include both motorized and non-motorized scooters. The new rule also adds motorized ADA-assistive devices to the list of exceptions.
  • The rule that prohibits people from lying down on Library furniture has been clarified to make it clear people also aren't allowed to put their feet on the furniture.
  • A new rule has been added, for security reasons, that prohibits people from leaving packages, backpacks, luggage or any other personal items unattended. These unattended items are subject to immediate confiscation.


The Library is responsible for establishing rules of conduct to protect the rights and safety of Library patrons, volunteers and staff, and for preserving and protecting the Library's materials, equipment, facilities and grounds. People who violate the rules may lose Library privileges.

"We want everyone to feel comfortable using all our Library facilities," said Marilynne Gardner, the Library's administrative services director. "These rules are important and necessary to prevent disruptions."

The Rules of Conduct are posted in all Library facilities. To see a complete list of the rules, please see the Rules of Conduct online. The list will be updated July 10 when the new rules take effect.

For more information, call the Library at (206) 386-4636.

For more information contact:

Andra Addison, communications director

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