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2011 Budget

Mid-Year Cuts: 2011 Budget

On March 30, 2011, Mayor Mike McGinn directed all city departments to identify additional reductions to their current budgets to address an estimated $17 million in reduced state and federal funds.


$150,000 reduction
On June 20, 2011, the mayor announced his mid-year cut decisions, which included a $150,000 reduction to the Library budget. The mayor noted that the actual revenue shortfall to the city was $10 million - $7 million less than originally projected.


Cut made to book budget

The Library will take the $150,000 cut from its budget for books and materials.  With the mid-year cut, the Library's total budget for books and materials is now $5.05 million. The book budget has sustained severe cuts over the last several years due to the down economy. The budget for books and materials is nearly $2 million less than it was four years ago.

Approved budget for 2011

The Library's approved 2011 operating budget is $50.2 million and the capital improvement program budget is $1.05 million.


What the budget funds

The Library budget funds the operation of the Central Library and 26 branches, a robust "virtual library" available 24/7 through the Library's website: www.spl.org, systemwide collections and resources, outreach to underserved and vulnerable populations, humanities programs, as well as educational workshops and literacy classes.


The Library's capital improvement program budget funds major maintenance and improvements for Library facilities.


City deficit

The Library's budget reflects reductions in expenditures and new revenues from fines and fees to help address the city's $67 million general fund shortfall for 2011.  These changes result in an 8.5 percent reduction in the Library's general fund support.


Impact of deficit on Library budget

The Library's budget includes a total of $3.7 million in reductions from its 2011 baseline budget. The savings come from the following areas:


  • Sustain 2010 mid-year staffing reductions: $691,000
  • Internal Library restructuring: $992,000
  • Collections reduction: $882,000
  • One week Library closure: $650,000
  • COLA adjustment: $440,000
  • Training fund reduction: $35,000


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